Workshops and Training Sessions



Title slide of presentation Understanding and Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Title slide of presentation Critical Skills Needed for Students with ASD to Transition to College
Title slide of presentation The Medical and Social Models of Disability: What Still Remains
Title slide of presentation Evidence-Based Practices or Programs (EBPs)


Logo for Conquer Adaptive Company: Black lettering spelling out Conquer
Photo of Sofia and Kimberly sitting on stage presenting to members of the staff and friends of Conquer Adaptive

Conquer Adaptive: Disability Awareness training for staff, March 2020

ArtCenter College of Design logo: orange circle then name spelled in black letters
ArtCenter DEI logo: black circle with lowercase letters dei inside of it in white
Title slide of presentation Disability Allyship Workshop

ArtCenter DEI:  Disability Allyship workshops, July 2020

Faculty/staff training for Advocacy & Inclusive Practices, 
upcoming June 2021

Ventura College logo :white background with Ventura College spelled out in black letters in the center, next to the word college in orange letter is 95 years and above the center lettering are two orange and gray wavy lines

Ventura College:  Professional Development workshop on Student Support Strategies, upcoming August 2021