We provide professional services to educators, students, and families.


    • Disability Awareness
      • person first language, medical vs social model of disability, disability etiquette, school and workplace accommodations
    • Inclusive Teaching Practices
      • creating an inclusive classroom environment, growth mindset, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles
    • Instructional Design
      • cooperative learning, multiculturalism, scaffolding, feedback and assessment
    • Behavioral Support
      • defining and teaching expected behaviors, reinforcing positive behaviors, individual behavior plan, functional behavior assessment


    • IEP Preparation & Advocacy
      • what to expect during IEP meetings, rights and responsibilities, key components of an IEP
    • Transitional Planning
      • entering into postsecondary education, jobs & employment, and independent living
    • Postsecondary Support
      • community resources, self-advocacy skills, life skills, assistance with accessing educational services at postsecondary institution
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